Turbo Blanket Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it a fire hazard?

    First off, DO NOT use this product on a vehicle with an oil leak. If there is an oil leak present, fix it first and clean up any residue before installing this product.

    However, the likelihood of a fire occurring after installation is very rare but certainly possible with oil in direct contact. A small oil drop here and there on the exterior surface is not going to soak through instantly and cause a fire though. The inherently flame-retardant material is very thick, unlike header wrap, and it would take quite a bit of oil saturation to soak through and cause an "oil fire".

    On the flip side, it can act as a barrier as well. If a major oil leak were to develop on the high pressure line around the turbo area WITHOUT utilizing this product, or even just with only ceramic coating, the oil could directly come in contact with the hot metal surfaces and would be more vulnerable to ignite.

    Should there be smoke or a burning smell after first use?

    This product can emit smoke during the first heat cycle. You might also smell a burning odor for a few days but it will eventually go away.

    Where is it made?

    100% made in the U.S.A. by a manufacturer who has contracts in the race industry (Nascar, ALMS, Grand-am, etc) and military.